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California State Senate Applauds Mothers In Unity with Proclamation Recognition

At the captivating book launch of our visionary founder, Tatiyana Elias, Mothers in Unity earned well-deserved recognition from California State Senate for our impactful work, touching the lives of over 400 kids and 180 women. Tatiyana, the creative force behind it all, penned 'The Positive Process,' a groundbreaking book that guides individuals towards a positive mindset through affirmations tailored to the root chakra. Brace yourselves for more transformative content as Tatiyana prepares to unveil six additional books. What makes it even more special? A generous portion of the proceeds from the upcoming 7-book series will be devoted to supporting our nonprofit, Mothers In Unity. Tatiyana's unwavering commitment to aiding those in need drives our mission, and we extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who graced the launch party and the California State Senate for acknowledging our dedication to humanity.

To make a positive impact, simply visit the Barnes & Noble website and secure your copy through this link: Join us in spreading positivity while making a meaningful difference in the lives of many.

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